global strategies, characterized by flexibility

At W. Wall and Company, Inc., our objective is to always seek the best risk-adjusted return for our clients. As a result, our investment approaches are:

  • Adaptive - not constrained by styles or sectors.
  • Exploit financial market's natural volatility.
  • Trend driven.
  • Risk adverse.

Adaptive investment strategies have the ability to benefit from whatever style, sector or market cap size is leading the general market.

Investment strategies that fit into specific style boxes always have a major vulnerability. There will be significant periods when they under perform. The market moves in cycles that propel investments in and out of favor, often regardless of the performance of the underlying assets. Leadership by asset class changes as economic conditions and market perceptions change. Restricting an investment approach to specific styles or sectors of the market leaves a portfolio vulnerable to declines and periods of lackluster performance and guarantees underperformance over the long run.

  • Vulnerability of the Popular "Modern Portfolio Theory" Investment Approach
  • Relies on historical data to establish non-correlation and expected returns.
  • Assumes correlation is consistent when, over time and in times of market stress, seemingly independent investments often act as though they are related.
  • Leaves portfolios vulnerable to Market Risk, which studies have shown can account for as much as 80% of price movement.
  • Assumes investors have the time to recover from market downturns, overlooking the impact of disbursements on overall portfolio growth.